About Me

headtoheadstats was born out of a desire to display my love football and my data analysis skills and with the infographs that I have designed, I think I’ve found the perfect tool that marries the two passions together.

Although I have a decade of experience working with all forms of data, my field of expertise is sports data and during that time I have predominately worked in the Football industry, with my main client being that of UEFA.

I was responsible for compiling data for documents such as the Champions League and Europa League Technical Reports, while also managing the data for all competitions that sat under UEFA’s umbrella.

Since moving on from UEFA, I’ve gained experience in statistical modelling and automation, which has allowed me to not only offer the products that you find on this website, but also a range of data driven models.

I also have experience in other fields of content creation and have a varied portfolio of written and audio projects currently running, across a number of clients. (examples available upon request)

However, it is not just Football data in which I have experience with. My skill set can thankfully be transferred across multiple sports, with the same match winning results.

I feel I have a varied and more importantly talented skill set to offer any business out there and am always happy to discuss any projects you may have either now or in the future.

You may even be a media company who likes the concept of the web domain and has a vision to push it further with investment /resource. Something that I’d be keen to explore further.

If you would like to get in touch with me and have a chat about anything in regard to football data, then please don’t hesitate to drop me a message at dan@realfootballman.com

Thanks and I look forward to speaking to you