EFL Championship Form Infograph

EFL Championship Form Infograph

EFL Championship Form Infograph

Here is a visual representation of a head to head EFL Championship form infograph going into week seven of the season. Something that I have been able to create via a mixture of data scraping and automation.

All I need to do is enter in the relevant league table data before any gameweek and then the rest is created by a number of formulas, which creates a template per league (I currently have 15 in operation and can build as many as you like)

With the end result being the infograph such as the one that you will see above.


In the first few weeks of any campaign, the form guide will mimic the table itself and therefore we can work off these results in isolation, although with the EFL Championship deeper into the season than its European counterparts, there is a bit more previous form to work with.

With each of the 24 clubs all playing more than six league matches, we can now use the infograph to take a snapshot of current form and not just look at which clubs are higher or lower than one another in the Championship table.

This also means we get a better idea of who is in the better form going into the latest particular gameweek, something that is denoted with the colour code below:

Orange – denotes the hottest form in the division
Blue – denotes the coldest form in the division
Green – denotes the better form of the two teams facing off.

The perfect use for this, is not just a quick visual aid but also from a betting point of view as well. The EFL Championship Form Infograph can then allow your website readers or social media followers to make more informed decisions in terms of their weekend accumulators.


For example if you ran a betting/tips site, this would provide the perfect snapshot in regards to who should be backed and although written content still holds its own value, there is a case to be made for people wanting details a lot quicker and creating less of a barrier to access.

That’s not to say that you could not also add the infograph to the written content but by already looking at this, I know that Leeds are playing host to an out of sorts Derby, while in form Nottingham Forest should make light work of a struggling Barnsley.

In addition to that, the hottest picks for the gameweek could also be tied into your own betting affiliate links. With the examples in the paragraph above, they could be further highlighted and links placed for readers to bet, something which in turns drives revenue for your own operation.

Knowledge is definitely power when it comes to betting and the more that you can provide to a punter, the more likely they are going to come back to your service and with very few infographic resources available, this will also give YOU the edge over your competitors.

If this or any other of the leagues are of interest to you (I can also create single match head to head infographs), then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me: dan@realfootballman.com

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